{Giveaway Closed} Bible for Our Little Learners

When it comes to homeschool, it’s easy to think of Bible or devotional time as just another subject or something else to cross off our to-do list.  Yet, teaching our children about the Bible and who Jesus is is so much more.

Check out my  blog post over at SDA Homeschool Families to find out ways to teach Bible to your preschool, kindergarten or early elementary child. Then, watch the video below to see the felt set we use in our family. If it’s something that you could use with your kids, enter the giveaway over on my YouTube channel.



One thought on “{Giveaway Closed} Bible for Our Little Learners

  1. Hello, it is really amazing the way felt figures help the children enjoy the Bible stories. I am homeschooling my 5 years old boy and 9 years old daughter, plus I teach in the sabbath school to children ages 3-6. Years ago we used felt to tell the stories, but unfortunely we do not receive it anymore. I use some old pieces to illustrate the stories and I can see the children enjoy and understand them more than only the narrative part.

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