Worksheets for Early Learners | How We Manage Seat Work

Worksheets can be tough for wiggly little worms.  Some children are still working hard at developing fine motor skills and trying to complete one worksheet can be overwhelming.  For others, sitting still long enough to complete one page is like torture.  While, on the other end of the spectrum, some children beg for worksheets and workbooks.

I have one of each in my home.  Both of them are drawn to the page, but for one, the interest is fleeting while the other begs to do his “project” book.  While I wasn’t able to get an in-depth post written this week, I did make a video about how we manage worksheets, workbooks, and “desk” work. Take a peek and let me know how you manage worksheets in your home. Do your little ones love it? Hate it? Do you make them do it anyway or do you skip it? I can’t wait to hear your feedback!



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