Miquon Math | A First Glance

MIQUON MathFirst Reaction

My son loves math. He loves to figure things out and is always doing mathematical analysis. He doesn’t even realize it. Oh yeah, he’s five. He isn’t doing algebra, but I’m shocked when I realize he is using skills like multiplication in everyday life. However, hand him a math worksheet – blank stare. You can see a weight just plop on his shoulders.

I have been looking for a math program to help him continue to develop his love for numbers without crushing his enthusiasm. I found a program a few years back called Math on the Level. It shows ways to incorporate math into everyday life. This appeals to me greatly because I truly feel like math is a tool to help us understand the world around us. While overall, I am so excited about this program and I do hope to save up and implement it at some point, it just didn’t seem right for now, and I need to really have time to save up for such a large purchase.

Then, I found Miquon Math Labs. Here is a little video that shares more about it far better than I could:

I feel like this program is really perfect for where we are at. And the price fits our budget nicely. πŸ™‚ Needless to say, I ordered book one. Here is a peek inside and my first reactions when I finally got the books in hand:

When I first received the package, I felt a bit overwhelmed at where to start and what to do. I e-mailed support at Rainbow Resource (where I purchased the program) and they recommended I start with the Annotations guide – simply read through the first section on counting to get a feel for how everything works. Β Super great suggestion.

I love how there are so many ways to use the Lab sheets and that between all of the guides there are games, every-day applications, and so many ideas for ways to be using math with children.

Samuel has had a lot of fun just playing with the Cuisinaire Rods. And I feel like this math will be so fun for him. We aren’t into it very far, but I feel like it’s only part of the math puzzle for him. It’s a very important piece, but it dawned on me that he either likes to learn 100% on his own, with his own ideas and experimentation or he likes to learn through stories. If I can find a way to bridge the gap and add stories to math while he plays and explores- this kid will be in heaven. I have a few ideas, so stay tuned, and I’m eager to share what we end up doing. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Miquon Math | A First Glance

  1. Hi
    Thanks for your lovely blog! Awesome to hear your son loves math…
    Can I suggest you check out a series on you tube by a guy named Joshua white – homeschooling the remnant. It’s part of a series of 7 … I have found it wonderful as a guide what to introduce and when.
    Eg – math and logic happens in the left hemisphere of the brain which doesn’t really begin proper mylination until 7-9 yrs of age…

    Hope this info helps 😊

    Blessings from Australia

    • Thanks. I’ll check it out. I am familiar with several different algorithms and schedules for when children develop what. I finally decided to throw them all out and follow my son’s lead as he doesn’t seem to think those schedules are any good. lol. It’s really been working well for us, but I’m always eager and interested to learn more. πŸ™‚

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