About Me

Hi! I’m Laura Byrd. I’m a wife and mother to two wonderful little boys. It’s really no surprise that I’m passionate about education. I grew up in a home with two teachers for parents. After being in a classroom all day, I usually joined my mom in her classroom as she worked on grading, lesson planning and endless IEPs.

When I went to college, everyone told me I should major in education. Of course, stubborn me didn’t listen. However, during my college years, I spent time as a camp counselor and a tutor. I LOVED tutoring. It didn’t matter wether I was tutoring college students in Anatomy and physiology, working on fractions with elementary students or exploring basic reading principles with the littlest learners. My passion and zest for learning and discovering new things in life made tutoring all the more fun for me. I soon became the head tutor for Learning Success Services, and taught classes coupled with one-on-one study skills coaching for struggling students.

After graduation, I spent some time working on a non-profit orginzation called Joshua’s House. During this time I created resources for families and children. This transitioned into a job as Pastor of Children and Families at my local church. I was not at all expecting what was coming up next: a teaching position at the church school. The school was growing and it was time to move from a two room program to a three-room school. I was fortunate enough to be able to re-start the kindergarten program as I taught in the K-2 classroom.

The birth of my oldest in 2010 brought me home, where I have been continually pursuing education for my boys and myself ever since. My journey has led me to see the diverse ways of learning and has opened my eyes to the importance of fostering the natural sense of wonder and discovery in children. For me, this passion, excitement and wonder has never died. Maybe that’s why I get giddy at the thought of a human body theme park, a riveting documentary about an event from the past or a chance to encounter nature up close and personal. I become energized by sharing great resources with others, doing research for them and helping children and families find tools, methods and resources that really work for them.

I’m eager to hear about you. Why did you chose to homeschool? What struggles to you face? What excites you? Join me as we all learn more together!