Plan with Me | Summer Homeschool Block


When It comes to homeschool planning, I like to tackle it in big chunks. My oldest is 5 1/2 and my youngest just turned three.  We are pretty laid back around here, but we have a block of time every afternoon for our homeschool projects.  This block of time ensures that I’m providing them an opportunity to do fun things that require a bit more prep, and it gives me focused time with the boys. It’s time that I truly cherish.

Right now I’m working on planning for our big summer unit study – Gardening with an emphasis on bugs, and our history and science units. I don’t worry about working through the lessons at a certain pace, and I try to leave plenty of room to expand or shorten activities and lessons.

Currently I’m using Mystery of History to guide my history lesson plans and Science in the Beginning for Science. I’m  finding Wildlife Gardening to be a great spine for our Gardening studies as well.

I find that showing my planning process is much better than telling you about it, so here is a video showing you how I planned four our upcoming unit studies, science, and history lessons.  Please let me know if you have any questions or want to know more about anything I mentioned. Also, please feel free to share with me how you plan ahead in your homeschool.


Worksheets for Early Learners | How We Manage Seat Work

Worksheets can be tough for wiggly little worms.  Some children are still working hard at developing fine motor skills and trying to complete one worksheet can be overwhelming.  For others, sitting still long enough to complete one page is like torture.  While, on the other end of the spectrum, some children beg for worksheets and workbooks.

I have one of each in my home.  Both of them are drawn to the page, but for one, the interest is fleeting while the other begs to do his “project” book.  While I wasn’t able to get an in-depth post written this week, I did make a video about how we manage worksheets, workbooks, and “desk” work. Take a peek and let me know how you manage worksheets in your home. Do your little ones love it? Hate it? Do you make them do it anyway or do you skip it? I can’t wait to hear your feedback!


{Giveaway Closed} Bible for Our Little Learners

When it comes to homeschool, it’s easy to think of Bible or devotional time as just another subject or something else to cross off our to-do list.  Yet, teaching our children about the Bible and who Jesus is is so much more.

Check out my  blog post over at SDA Homeschool Families to find out ways to teach Bible to your preschool, kindergarten or early elementary child. Then, watch the video below to see the felt set we use in our family. If it’s something that you could use with your kids, enter the giveaway over on my YouTube channel.